disconscious (disconscious) wrote in feminazis,

LJ cowed by the cows?

Re: nipplegate (also here, here and here), how am I going to argue for banning pictures of topless men if the cows win the right to expose their udder? I would much prefer not having to endure the sight of those mommies basking in triumphant motherhood and those repugnant babies sucking on their nipples. I can literally see those poor girls being drained of their brain in the process. I don't identify as a milk container, breastfeeding is a loss of time imposed on us to make motherhood more burdensome, lengthen the time off work and put additional hurdles in our careers. Not to mention how it totally messes up with breasts. I sure don't think the best move is to give babies a part of our own body to chew on. I bet they would be perfectly happy to gnaw on some dog treat instead.
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