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The Society to Cut Up Men (S.C.U.M.) [entries|friends|calendar]

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Run By Women, The World Would Be Better and More Fun | Psychology Today [ Thursday
March 18th,2010@10:28am

Run By Women, The World Would Be Better and More Fun | Psychology Today

"Men define history as a relentless march of progress. I define it as a parade of debauchery and oppression perpetrated by a small group of  bloodthirsty lunatics with penises, interrupted by the very occasional humanitarian achievement.History would have been entirely different, more fun, and lots better, if women had been the dominant sex."
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More by my cute little poodle [ Sunday
September 20th,2009@10:34pm

"Rush Limbaugh asserted that Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter is "a girl," and claimed that Jack Carter, son of former President Jimmy Carter, "has been castrated by the feminization of this culture." Additionally, Limbaugh referred again to "feminazis" -- a term he previously claimed he had stopped using."


Rush Limbaugh, our hero. [ Sunday
September 20th,2009@10:23pm

"Limbaugh on Dem primary: "If "feminazis" had remembered to oppose affirmative action for black guys ... they wouldn't face the situation they face today""


When knowing is losing – gender factors in chess [ Sunday
September 20th,2009@1:14pm

"Normally knowing your enemy is an advantage. Not so in chess games between the sexes. In a study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology Dr Anne Maass (et al.) pitted male and female players against each other via the Internet. Women showed a 50% performance decline when they were aware that they were playing a male opponent."


Patchwork [ Friday
September 18th,2009@8:19pm

Men are pigs

A word from a new member [ Saturday
May 30th,2009@10:51pm

[ mood | contemplative ]

Hello!  My name is Ivy -- I am relatively new to LJ and new to Feminazis.  I'd like to take this time to share myself with you.  {Note:  In the past I have gone by 'Dani'}

I am a 20-something college student in mideastern Wisconsin, having just started (Jan 09) my four year /plus journey in Women's Studies and Psychology.  So far I have always lived in Wisconsin, but feel VERY juxtaposed -- I feel like I don't belong here.  I feel so different from people in the Midwest and most Americans I know.  I really don't feel American at all.

In part I consider myself a humanist, in that males by definition aren't completely wrong and flawed -- I don't necessarily believe that males should not exist; however, I hate men. My hate of men and masculinity, and all the injustice that goes with it, is unbearably strong. There is no doubt that masculinity and maleness in this county, probably most of the world, is essentially flawed, wrong, evil, and counter-productive to the goals and good of human life. There is no doubt that male patriarchy and "being a man" is a horribly unjust institution, and I as well hate the way males are -- the way they are "designed." Everyday I think about how grateful and lucky I am to be a woman. I don't think I could live as ONE OF THEM.

I am interested in being a part of communities and groups like Feminazis to take part in the pro-female, anti-men movement. There is no doubt to me that our mission is one of pro-humanity and pro-growth, and that in fact our goal is certainly not to promote discimination and hatred but SEE IT ELIMINATED.

Certainly it would be false to say all men are entirely or mostly evil. But the truth is, being male and being a man is fundamentally about things like objectification and aggression; an overbalance of the ID; and honestly, an often complete abscene of rational thought. That men are "the rational ones" is ludicrous. Consider, for example, who is responsible for wars, violence, sexual abuse...

In many, many ways, females are fundamentally superior; they are far more evolved. For one example: humans are social creatures, and females are by nature far superior in this regard than males.

To qoute Simone de Beauvoir's "The Second Sex",

"Some say that, after Adam, she is evidently a secondary being; others say on the contrary that Adam was only a rough draft and that god succeeded in producing the human being in perfection when He created Eve."

I am amazed that men have had so much power throughout the history of human civilization, when there is nearly infinite evidence showing the superiority of the female sex.  Perhaps it is their 'less-than-human' nature -- their inability to resist the primitive drives of aggression and status -- that keeps them in power.



Fuck Off Sexism [ Sunday
May 24th,2009@7:59pm


Did layout repair job for feminazis. Imageshack was losing pics. Switched to Photobucket. Hope it is not leaky as well.

S.C.U.M [ Sunday
August 5th,2007@3:43pm

I haven't seen any activity in this community in awhile, but I wrote this lame poem and was responding to comments and thought it might be slightly related.

he stifled my voice
my mouth is covered with electrical tape
or duct
probably both
but it's mostly my soul

he forbid me to write
(if not about him)
manipulated the only thing
i know
(not much)

not that i'm proud of what
i've had to say
but it's been better than

i know it's not much:
talentless and smug
righteous, at best

hubris, your name
Huey i will call you
for short
a joke
you won't

i can't shorten those,
but of course
there is that great acronym
the society to cut up men.

Sexualisation harms young girls [ Tuesday
February 20th,2007@10:05am

The media's portrayal of young women as sex objects harms girls' mental and physical health, US experts warn.

Magazines, television, video games and music videos all have a detrimental effect, a task force from the American Psychological Association reported.

Sexualisation can lead to a lack of confidence with their bodies as well as depression and eating disorders.

Such images also have a negative effect on healthy sexual development in girls, the researchers said.

The task force was set up after mounting "public concern" about the sexualisation of young girls.

Research on the content and effects of television, music videos, music lyrics, magazines, films, video games and the internet was analysed.

Recent advertising campaigns and merchandising of products aimed at girls was also scrutinised.

Sexualisation was defined as occurring when a person's value comes only from her or his sexual appeal or behaviour, to the exclusion of other characteristics, and when a person is portrayed purely as a sex object.

Read more...Collapse )

feminism and body [ Tuesday
November 28th,2006@1:44pm

So what is it about lesbians that makes them subvert the dominant paradigm and defy mainstream standards of beauty if not for their feminist leanings??? Come on straight feminists why do (some of you) still buy into the shave your body, diet, and wear makeup beauty ideal???

Psychology of Women Quarterly
Volume 30 Page 252 - September 2006
Volume 30 Issue 3

Viren Swami1
Martin J. Tovée2

The present study examined associations between lesbian and feminist identity and predictors of female physical attractiveness. Seventy-two nonfeminist heterosexuals, 38 feminist heterosexuals, 75 nonfeminist lesbians, and 33 feminist lesbians were asked to rate according to physical attractiveness a set of images of real women with known body mass indexes (BMIs). The results showed that regardless of sexual orientation and feminist ascription, BMI was a dominant predictor of physical attractiveness. The results also showed that there were significant differences between lesbians and heterosexual women in BMIs of images found to be most attractive, with lesbians preferring images of women with significantly higher BMIs than heterosexual women. Self-identification as a feminist did not appear to be associated with a preference for larger BMIs. The findings are discussed in terms of sociocultural theory, which suggests that different communities may have different ideals of beauty.

a lot of cash [ Tuesday
November 28th,2006@1:26am

So I just got elected to the co-moderator, non-hierarchical position of "power" (haha) in my feminist group at my college. And surprisingly we have around 4K dollars to blow this semester plus another 2.5-5K for the upcoming academic year, which if we don't use it, it just gets cycled back into our annual 5K allowance (We elect at the beginning of the calendar year, but receive funds at the beginning of the academic year). We've mostly spent it on food for various fun events, which is delicious, but I feel a little lacking in creative spending.

I think we're so thrifty partially due to the nature of third-wave D.I.Y.ness/the general making-ends-meet nature of the movement/the fact that only until this year (maybe last year as well), we subsided solely on $40 per member annually.

So. I'd like some super creative and activist ways to spend this money usefully. We have a bunch of restrictions on how we spend it, like we can't just give it to a charity or buy a bunch of supplies for a charity and hand it to them. We're at Tulane, a fairly big university and as this will probably be my only opportunity to see $5K go towards progressive change, especially in post-Katrina New Orleans, I'd really like to make every buck count.

Thanks very much. :)

x-posted to: feminazis, nola_sisterhood, queerneworleans, veg_feminism, womens_studies, womenscolleges

Top 100 [ Tuesday
August 15th,2006@7:50am

Top 100 list honours real 'hot' women: "Pop culture's breastacular image of female attractiveness was challenged Saturday at a ceremony celebrating young women who are more likely to be seen at The Vagina Monologues than in a Victoria's Secret commercial.

Emphasizing PhDs over D-cups, The Real Hot 100 Awards in New York City celebrate beauty that stems from intelligence, achievement and activism. Designed as a feminist response to Maxim magazine's Hot 100 -- which this year 'honoured' Eva Longoria by photographing the Desperate Housewives actress in a see-through negligee -- The Real Hot 100 asks young women and girls to 'See how hot smart can be.'

'We think we can redefine the word 'hot,' taking it away from Paris Hilton and reassigning it as something exciting and valuable,' says Gwynn Cassidy, executive director of The Real Hot 100. 'It sounds really cheesy, but the women on this list are trying to make the world a better place. They're smart, they're savvy and they're truly making a difference.'"


dysgr8mystake: Got off work early. You get this in return.: "4. 'I don't want to be equal, therefore feminism sucks.'

This is always, always, always a fucking woman. This woman shows up everywhere, and claims that since she doesn't want to be 'equal' to men, feminism is a horrible movement that shouldn't exist. She usually believes that anytime after 1950 was a spiral of downward morality, and claims that her children will always be impeccably dressed and well-mannered. She always talks about children, whether or not she has them.

Often this woman is entirely ignorant about the very notions of equality. She doesn't want to work, and therefore assumes that feminism will force her to. When it's pointed out that feminism actually supports the choice to stay at home, she will start talking about 'feminazis' and other nonexistent creatures in an attempt to anger the person getting the better of her in the debate.

This is a woman who will complain about those teenage girls who don't shave yet. This is a woman who will tell a large-breasted woman to 'cover herself' when she wears a tank top. This woman has age-old notions of morality and sex roles, and clings to them in a desperate attempt to keep the world from changing around her without her consent. She will also usually bring up God, the Bible, Jesus, or some Abrahamic religion in some way through out the conversation.

This woman also, for all her rants about rigid sex roles, tends to look with horror upon those 'poor Muslim women' who wear the completely covering clothing they adhere to for their particular religion.

Remember, kids; rigid gender roles and inequality are only good when white women are involved."

lone_pedestrian: Why I stopped owning a TV: "Once again CSPAN Book TV makes me hit rock bottom with their 48 hours of non-fiction on the weekends. I watched an entire question and answer session with Ann Coulter. Why? Because apparently on lovely Sunday afternoons I want nothing more than to be irritated.

Some comments for Ann (which were mostly shouted at the TV already):"

malycat: if you really love me youll sympathize about my bike rant: "this FUCKING GUY treats me like im an idiot. he keeps repeating things, he asks me questions about stuff ive already answered, he postulates about reason that ive already discounted because IM NOT AN IDIOT. he also immediately qualified schroder vales as 'the fat ones' before even waiting to see if i didn't know what he was talking about (i did. i know the difference between freaking schroder and presto!!!!!!!!!!!) and then when i asked if he had foot pumps, not those big ass floor pumps but a foot pump that you could fit in your bag, he laughed and balked and said 'those are for, like, rafts and stuff!'

i dont know why he immediately assumed i was an idiot. is it cuz im a girl? is it cuz im wearing a pink bra and have blonde hair? are those your reasons mr smart ass? those are pretty fucking dumb reasons. but lets not immediately pull the feminazi thing because i hate feminazis....maybe he's just superiorified because he works at a bike shop. it happens.

so then i go back to my bike after going home to get tools to fix it, and im changing the tube on hte sidewalk. and changing an innertube isnt hard, but since its the backwheel i have to deal with the gears and the chain and crap, which ALSO isnt hard, but i guess it looks complicated if you dont know anything about bikes. so these two middle aged men walk by, and theyre like: 'are you gonna be okay? that looks like a MAJOR PROBLEM.' and they give a little laugh like whoa, youre fucked.

well obviously if you think this is a major problem you dont know anything about bikes. because at that point i was DONE, and all i was doing was putting the wheel back in place. and if you dont know anything about bikes, why are you going out of your way to act like you do? does this guy really have such a super masculine ego that, even though IM holding a wrench and have chain grease all over me and am obviously capable of what im doing, he thinks that with all his lack of knowledge about bikes, i STILL NEED HIS HELP???

but i didn't say that. i said 'i'm just changing my inner tube.' suck on that mister.

and then later on the way home i was watching my front wheel to see if the tire was gonna slip off and have that one explode too. and sure enough the tire started slipping so i let the extra air out to save my inner tube. and EVEN THOUGH THAT IS SUCH A SIMPLE LITTLE ACT, this OTHER middle aged guy came over and started flipping out asking if i was gonna be okay.

WHAT IS THIS?!?!?!?!?!

i know that was all in goodwill, but at this point im so pissed off with all these people offering TOTALLY UNNECCESARY HELP AND ADVICE ( i mean its TOTAL OVERKILL) that i just yell at him. politely. 'IM JUST PUMPING UP MY TIRE!!!!!!!'

i didn't say my fucking tire. just my tire.

end bike rant."

Feminazi Buzz [ Monday
August 7th,2006@3:54am

The Rabbit Hole -: "Today's post is specifically about how you don't have to lose male readership to get more women into comics--i.e. making the stories equally appealing is not discriminating in favor of women, it is leveling the male privilege that treats comics-loving (really, any geek-habit-loving) girls like strange anomalies (we're not, and we're not going any where)."

ongoingstory: RED AUNTS - Smoke / Baby Tough Luck: "Just because I feel like it. I love the Red Aunts, you should, too. Although this video makes them look like a bunch of raging feminazis. Which I guess they kinda are, but they come off better on other songs."

pro2: The outlaw Josey Vogels: "What exactly is feminist porn?

According to the founders of the awards, Good For Her, a women-oriented sex shop in Toronto (goodforher.com), the winning films had to meet three criteria: a) they had to show genuine female pleasure (in other words, no faking it); b) they had to be directed or produced by a woman; and c) they had to 'expand the range of female sexual expression currently seen in porn.'

Oh, and they had to be hot.

Made perfect sense to me. Porn has traditionally been a male-dominated industry. Celebrating the fact that women have made any inroads at all seemed like a no-brainer. Still, put 'women' and 'porn' in the same sentence and you're bound to get a few people's knickers in a twist. Some reactions were a scary throwback to those lovely backlash days in the early '90s when feminists were branded 'man-hating feminazis.'"

ivystreet: 15. another fantasy meme, hooray!: "Eleven things I will strive my best never to put in a fantasy novel unless I am trying to undermine them, and in fact could do without entirely from now on, thanks.

10. Feminazis who melt into a puddle of goo when they meet their One True Love and suddenly want to pop out their babies and love and dote on them; feminazism can fuck itself as far as she's suddenly concerned."

Welcome to a new expression: 'feminazi hell': feminist_rage: UGH. RAGE.So as you might know because i: "Thank you, once again, for equating our beliefs in gender equality with fascism. Fighting for womens' rights clearly makes us feminazis and we will, in fact, burn in that special fiery pit known as feminazi hell."

Feminazi News [ Tuesday
August 1st,2006@7:55am

The Jewish Quarterly: "Dworkin is known as a radical feminist. It was assumed that she was thus a lesbian separatist; she wasn’t. It was assumed that she hated men, but a man was the love of her life. It was understood that she venerated and sentimentalized women; she didn’t – when I asked her who she hated most, it was the female camp guards at Auschwitz. It was believed that she was anti-sex, a prude; she wasn’t that either. Her central message about pornography was that it took real women and destroyed their lives to give others momentary pleasure. In her fifties, she came to a bizarre, utopian view that, just as the Jews, after centuries of persecution, had come to the inevitable conclusion that they needed their own country, so did women."

MADONNA DISAPPOINTS GREER: "Superstar MADONNA has been blasted by leading feminist author GERMAINE GREER for abandoning her pledge to front the 'future of feminism'. Australian Greer criticises the LIKE A VIRGIN hitmaker for allowing religion, marriage and motherhood to overtake her desire to be a strong independent female role model. "

Turkish feminist writer Duygu Asena dies: "ANKARA, Turkey - Duygu Asena, a best-selling writer and crusader for women‘s rights in Turkey, has died after a two-year battle with a brain tumor. She was 60.

Asena had trained to be a teacher but began writing for newspaper women‘s pages in the early 1970s. The message, as she wrote in a magazine article, was this: 'Escape the vicious circle. Fight for your equal rights,' and get a job as a first step toward freedom.

'Woman Has No Name' broke sales records when it was printed in 1987, but was soon banned by the government which found it to be too lewd and obscene. The ban was lifted after a two-year court battle. A film adaptation of the book broke box office records in Turkey.

In her 1994 interview, she had a mixed view of the progress women had made in Turkey. 'We‘ve come a long way,' she told the AP, 'but there‘s still a long way to go.'"

Half-thousandth entry in this community [ Thursday
July 27th,2006@4:10am

Bonk Men

This is to celebrate entry 500 in this community. Happy 500th to feminazis. May the spirit live and the men die.

The Feminazi Gazette [ Monday
July 17th,2006@3:52am

littleneemo5611: At the pizza shop last night, we're kind: "And so I wash my hands, help Lori with the pizza. I overhear a few of them talking, while I couldn't really hear what was said, I remember hearing the word 'feminazis' and my head immediately jerks and I look at them, meeting one of them with the coldest stare I have.. "

ginmar: Oh, for fuck's sake: "The real issue here isn't the strawfeminist: it's the fact that these twits seem to think that if they have one bad expereince with a feminist---which I highly doubt----then they get to damn all feminists. I mean, if I see somebody acting and sounding like Rush Limbaugh talking about about 'feminazis' am I supposed to take them any more seriously when they say the exact same thing, except they piously claim the feminist label for themselves? "

gypsyliz: Some men just don't get it: "I am pretty sick and tired of the way women are portrayed in video games and comic books. I'm tired of it being ok that woman are seen as sexual objects, instead of strong, free-thinking superheroes who just happen to be sexy. Because, after all, that's how the men are thought of. No person reading a comic thinks of Batman first as sexy, then as a superhero. That's just not the way it works. I don't care that 'this is how it's always been'. We have the right to demand a change. We have the right to speak up about this issue, loudly and with great anger, and not be seen as 'feminazis' and that 'we're hurting the cause, and that we need to be more polite'. Or better yet - that we need to shut up, or they're going to take away our voting rights. (My favorite comment, BTW.) Men can say whatever the fuck they well please and not be seen in this light, so why can't we as women? I'm tired of the skimpy costumes (which, I have to ask - how the FUCK does one fight bad guys in a g-string and stripper boots? Just wondering, cause I see more adjusting and tripping coming out of this scenario than ass-kicking. But that could just be me.), and the rape and torture of female characters that occur simply because it's necessary for the male hero's 'great quest', and the attitude of these writers in general. Simply because 'that's the way it's always been' doesn't make it right. Yeah, things are getting slightly better, but not quick enough. As long as we still have comic books out there that feature women who are put in there simply to be sex objects, it's still bad. Got it?"

mirands: Speechless..: "http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/Evils%20in%20America/Feminism/feminism_is_evil.htm

Where do I begin? The title? The pics? No, the out and out star of this production is that menacing background music..

Excuse me, but i'm going to go to bed now. After i get dad to check the cupboard to make sure there are no rabid feminazis waiting to get me that is.."

Warning: links to graphic pictures (whatever that means). Sadly not a spoof site apparently.

Alternative to LJ [ Wednesday
June 28th,2006@5:23am

If you ever want or need to leave LJ and want to participate in a feminist blogging network:

BlogSheroes | the feminist bloggers network

The Feminazi Monitor [ Wednesday
June 7th,2006@6:46am

A modest proposal: sevenskylights: Rant - If I Ran The World: "If you rape someone, I toss you in a cage with a dozen enraged femiNazis and a tableful of props, including but not limited to: corkscrews, pineapples, salt, sharp objects in various sizes. Basically if you do something really cretinous and fuck someone over, you get it back in spades."

Paranoid piece of shit: steveottisafag: Language Is A Powerful Tool For Controlling Public Opinion: Part 1: "Feminazis have hijacked our language and made 'victims' all-powerful fountains of purity who can do no wrong and men have become 'predators' and 'deadbeats'. Disciplining your child with a spanking is now called medieval 'beating'. Sluts are now 'victims'. Marital disputes ONLY point the finger at the man as 'domestic violence' issues. If a woman provokes you, it's no longer correct to address HER behavior, now it's an 'anger management' directed at the man. The list goes on and keeps growing. "

steveottisafag: Language Is A Powerful Tool For Controlling Public Opinion: Part 2: "The only thing worse than being at war, is not KNOWING you're at war-- which is WHY men need to wake up to the fact that we're in a CULTURE-WAR waged against us by Feminazis, who want to destroy and enslave men"

Some more victimisation: leswamp: That didn't take long at all did it?: "I used the term bimbo in a comment on queer rage and now I have once again brought the feminazis down on myself.

I am the sexist oppressor, yo!"

Continued here: leswamp: My final words on psycho cunt feminazis today. :): "A lot of these psycho feminist bitches see very much what they wish to see and hear very much what they wish to hear. They wish to believe that anyone who displeases them is wrong and is therefore an ignorant oppressor and by god no one is going to change their mind about anything!"

Men the victims: sigelphoenix: Entering Rabid Feminist Mode in 3 ... 2 ...: "After all, we feminazis (and queer activists, and anti-racists, and other such rabble-rousers) have now skewed the world so that we hold the power over them. Don't you see the logic?

You know, I don't know why I haven't seen it before. Straight white men all over the world are suffering from this hidden oppression! Is it that bad? Of course it's that bad! According to comic artist Erik Larsen, large-breasted cheesecake female characters are now an embattled minority, victims of feminazi censorship!

I think I speak for all intelligent people when I say: WHAT ABOUT The POOR MENZ!!?! I mean, just look at what they have to go through: Not enough female bodies to objectify! Oh, the horror."

Also: johanna_hypatia: Into the light: "I am constantly accused of being a sexist man-hater every time I try to discuss my difficulties with masculinity. I swear I am not out to bash men, and my ability to relate to men has improved a lot since I've been working on this. But if I can't find a way to discuss my problems with masculinity openly and respectfully, how am I supposed to work through the problems? Are we supposed to pretend that relations between the genders are problem free? Or there would be no problems if it weren't for those damn 'feminazis'?"

The final word: sigelphoenix: For reference: "'Feminists often respond to the declaration that they hate men with the observation that the statement illustrates a hypersensitivity about the possibility of exclusion and loss of power on the part of men. Only in a patriarchal society would the inclusion of women be interpreted as a potential threat or loss of men's power. It is a reflection of the fact that we live in a competitive patriarchal society that it is assumed that the feminist agenda is one that seeks to have power over men. And only in an androcentric society where men and their reality is center stage would it be assumed that an inclusion of one group must mean the exclusion of another. In other words, male domination encourages the idea that affirming women means hating men and interprets women's request for power sharing as a form of taking over. This projection of patriarchal mentality equates someone's gain with another's loss.'

--Susan M. Shaw and Janet Lee in Women's Voices, Feminist Visions"

Also: List of radical feminist blogs at the Den of the Biting Beaver: BB's Story "Gnawing away at sexism and misogyny, one patriarchal asshole at a time!"

Mary Sues: A leabhar-latha aig Eilidh - Can't sleep, catboys will eat me . . .: "The panel on characters dissolved into fanbrat whining about Mary Sues. Okay, it wasn't all fanbrat whining (that was the ones on character bashing and 'when bad things happen to good anime'). There was an interesting point raised that Sues happen when people are afraid to create weak female characters at the risk of seeming chauvinist. In essence, feminazis are responsible for Sues. Also, I was given a really good definition of a Sue: If the universe bends for them, it's a Sue."

LJ cowed by the cows? [ Tuesday
June 6th,2006@8:58am

Re: nipplegate (also here, here and here), how am I going to argue for banning pictures of topless men if the cows win the right to expose their udder? I would much prefer not having to endure the sight of those mommies basking in triumphant motherhood and those repugnant babies sucking on their nipples. I can literally see those poor girls being drained of their brain in the process. I don't identify as a milk container, breastfeeding is a loss of time imposed on us to make motherhood more burdensome, lengthen the time off work and put additional hurdles in our careers. Not to mention how it totally messes up with breasts. I sure don't think the best move is to give babies a part of our own body to chew on. I bet they would be perfectly happy to gnaw on some dog treat instead.

Forever Pregnant [ Wednesday
May 24th,2006@6:11pm

Forever Pregnant
Guidelines: Treat Nearly All Women as Pre-Pregnant

New federal guidelines ask all females capable of conceiving a baby to treat themselves -- and to be treated by the health care system -- as pre-pregnant, regardless of whether they plan to get pregnant anytime soon.

Now I don't know about you, but I'm expecting to have an immaculate conception in my next 28 day cycle...

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