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The Feminazi Monitor

A modest proposal: sevenskylights: Rant - If I Ran The World: "If you rape someone, I toss you in a cage with a dozen enraged femiNazis and a tableful of props, including but not limited to: corkscrews, pineapples, salt, sharp objects in various sizes. Basically if you do something really cretinous and fuck someone over, you get it back in spades."

Paranoid piece of shit: steveottisafag: Language Is A Powerful Tool For Controlling Public Opinion: Part 1: "Feminazis have hijacked our language and made 'victims' all-powerful fountains of purity who can do no wrong and men have become 'predators' and 'deadbeats'. Disciplining your child with a spanking is now called medieval 'beating'. Sluts are now 'victims'. Marital disputes ONLY point the finger at the man as 'domestic violence' issues. If a woman provokes you, it's no longer correct to address HER behavior, now it's an 'anger management' directed at the man. The list goes on and keeps growing. "

steveottisafag: Language Is A Powerful Tool For Controlling Public Opinion: Part 2: "The only thing worse than being at war, is not KNOWING you're at war-- which is WHY men need to wake up to the fact that we're in a CULTURE-WAR waged against us by Feminazis, who want to destroy and enslave men"

Some more victimisation: leswamp: That didn't take long at all did it?: "I used the term bimbo in a comment on queer rage and now I have once again brought the feminazis down on myself.

I am the sexist oppressor, yo!"

Continued here: leswamp: My final words on psycho cunt feminazis today. :): "A lot of these psycho feminist bitches see very much what they wish to see and hear very much what they wish to hear. They wish to believe that anyone who displeases them is wrong and is therefore an ignorant oppressor and by god no one is going to change their mind about anything!"

Men the victims: sigelphoenix: Entering Rabid Feminist Mode in 3 ... 2 ...: "After all, we feminazis (and queer activists, and anti-racists, and other such rabble-rousers) have now skewed the world so that we hold the power over them. Don't you see the logic?

You know, I don't know why I haven't seen it before. Straight white men all over the world are suffering from this hidden oppression! Is it that bad? Of course it's that bad! According to comic artist Erik Larsen, large-breasted cheesecake female characters are now an embattled minority, victims of feminazi censorship!

I think I speak for all intelligent people when I say: WHAT ABOUT The POOR MENZ!!?! I mean, just look at what they have to go through: Not enough female bodies to objectify! Oh, the horror."

Also: johanna_hypatia: Into the light: "I am constantly accused of being a sexist man-hater every time I try to discuss my difficulties with masculinity. I swear I am not out to bash men, and my ability to relate to men has improved a lot since I've been working on this. But if I can't find a way to discuss my problems with masculinity openly and respectfully, how am I supposed to work through the problems? Are we supposed to pretend that relations between the genders are problem free? Or there would be no problems if it weren't for those damn 'feminazis'?"

The final word: sigelphoenix: For reference: "'Feminists often respond to the declaration that they hate men with the observation that the statement illustrates a hypersensitivity about the possibility of exclusion and loss of power on the part of men. Only in a patriarchal society would the inclusion of women be interpreted as a potential threat or loss of men's power. It is a reflection of the fact that we live in a competitive patriarchal society that it is assumed that the feminist agenda is one that seeks to have power over men. And only in an androcentric society where men and their reality is center stage would it be assumed that an inclusion of one group must mean the exclusion of another. In other words, male domination encourages the idea that affirming women means hating men and interprets women's request for power sharing as a form of taking over. This projection of patriarchal mentality equates someone's gain with another's loss.'

--Susan M. Shaw and Janet Lee in Women's Voices, Feminist Visions"

Also: List of radical feminist blogs at the Den of the Biting Beaver: BB's Story "Gnawing away at sexism and misogyny, one patriarchal asshole at a time!"

Mary Sues: A leabhar-latha aig Eilidh - Can't sleep, catboys will eat me . . .: "The panel on characters dissolved into fanbrat whining about Mary Sues. Okay, it wasn't all fanbrat whining (that was the ones on character bashing and 'when bad things happen to good anime'). There was an interesting point raised that Sues happen when people are afraid to create weak female characters at the risk of seeming chauvinist. In essence, feminazis are responsible for Sues. Also, I was given a really good definition of a Sue: If the universe bends for them, it's a Sue."
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