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The Feminazi Gazette

littleneemo5611: At the pizza shop last night, we're kind: "And so I wash my hands, help Lori with the pizza. I overhear a few of them talking, while I couldn't really hear what was said, I remember hearing the word 'feminazis' and my head immediately jerks and I look at them, meeting one of them with the coldest stare I have.. "

ginmar: Oh, for fuck's sake: "The real issue here isn't the strawfeminist: it's the fact that these twits seem to think that if they have one bad expereince with a feminist---which I highly doubt----then they get to damn all feminists. I mean, if I see somebody acting and sounding like Rush Limbaugh talking about about 'feminazis' am I supposed to take them any more seriously when they say the exact same thing, except they piously claim the feminist label for themselves? "

gypsyliz: Some men just don't get it: "I am pretty sick and tired of the way women are portrayed in video games and comic books. I'm tired of it being ok that woman are seen as sexual objects, instead of strong, free-thinking superheroes who just happen to be sexy. Because, after all, that's how the men are thought of. No person reading a comic thinks of Batman first as sexy, then as a superhero. That's just not the way it works. I don't care that 'this is how it's always been'. We have the right to demand a change. We have the right to speak up about this issue, loudly and with great anger, and not be seen as 'feminazis' and that 'we're hurting the cause, and that we need to be more polite'. Or better yet - that we need to shut up, or they're going to take away our voting rights. (My favorite comment, BTW.) Men can say whatever the fuck they well please and not be seen in this light, so why can't we as women? I'm tired of the skimpy costumes (which, I have to ask - how the FUCK does one fight bad guys in a g-string and stripper boots? Just wondering, cause I see more adjusting and tripping coming out of this scenario than ass-kicking. But that could just be me.), and the rape and torture of female characters that occur simply because it's necessary for the male hero's 'great quest', and the attitude of these writers in general. Simply because 'that's the way it's always been' doesn't make it right. Yeah, things are getting slightly better, but not quick enough. As long as we still have comic books out there that feature women who are put in there simply to be sex objects, it's still bad. Got it?"

mirands: Speechless..: "http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/Evils%20in%20America/Feminism/feminism_is_evil.htm

Where do I begin? The title? The pics? No, the out and out star of this production is that menacing background music..

Excuse me, but i'm going to go to bed now. After i get dad to check the cupboard to make sure there are no rabid feminazis waiting to get me that is.."

Warning: links to graphic pictures (whatever that means). Sadly not a spoof site apparently.
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