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Feminazi Buzz

The Rabbit Hole -: "Today's post is specifically about how you don't have to lose male readership to get more women into comics--i.e. making the stories equally appealing is not discriminating in favor of women, it is leveling the male privilege that treats comics-loving (really, any geek-habit-loving) girls like strange anomalies (we're not, and we're not going any where)."

ongoingstory: RED AUNTS - Smoke / Baby Tough Luck: "Just because I feel like it. I love the Red Aunts, you should, too. Although this video makes them look like a bunch of raging feminazis. Which I guess they kinda are, but they come off better on other songs."

pro2: The outlaw Josey Vogels: "What exactly is feminist porn?

According to the founders of the awards, Good For Her, a women-oriented sex shop in Toronto (goodforher.com), the winning films had to meet three criteria: a) they had to show genuine female pleasure (in other words, no faking it); b) they had to be directed or produced by a woman; and c) they had to 'expand the range of female sexual expression currently seen in porn.'

Oh, and they had to be hot.

Made perfect sense to me. Porn has traditionally been a male-dominated industry. Celebrating the fact that women have made any inroads at all seemed like a no-brainer. Still, put 'women' and 'porn' in the same sentence and you're bound to get a few people's knickers in a twist. Some reactions were a scary throwback to those lovely backlash days in the early '90s when feminists were branded 'man-hating feminazis.'"

ivystreet: 15. another fantasy meme, hooray!: "Eleven things I will strive my best never to put in a fantasy novel unless I am trying to undermine them, and in fact could do without entirely from now on, thanks.

10. Feminazis who melt into a puddle of goo when they meet their One True Love and suddenly want to pop out their babies and love and dote on them; feminazism can fuck itself as far as she's suddenly concerned."

Welcome to a new expression: 'feminazi hell': feminist_rage: UGH. RAGE.So as you might know because i: "Thank you, once again, for equating our beliefs in gender equality with fascism. Fighting for womens' rights clearly makes us feminazis and we will, in fact, burn in that special fiery pit known as feminazi hell."
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