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Top 100 list honours real 'hot' women: "Pop culture's breastacular image of female attractiveness was challenged Saturday at a ceremony celebrating young women who are more likely to be seen at The Vagina Monologues than in a Victoria's Secret commercial.

Emphasizing PhDs over D-cups, The Real Hot 100 Awards in New York City celebrate beauty that stems from intelligence, achievement and activism. Designed as a feminist response to Maxim magazine's Hot 100 -- which this year 'honoured' Eva Longoria by photographing the Desperate Housewives actress in a see-through negligee -- The Real Hot 100 asks young women and girls to 'See how hot smart can be.'

'We think we can redefine the word 'hot,' taking it away from Paris Hilton and reassigning it as something exciting and valuable,' says Gwynn Cassidy, executive director of The Real Hot 100. 'It sounds really cheesy, but the women on this list are trying to make the world a better place. They're smart, they're savvy and they're truly making a difference.'"


dysgr8mystake: Got off work early. You get this in return.: "4. 'I don't want to be equal, therefore feminism sucks.'

This is always, always, always a fucking woman. This woman shows up everywhere, and claims that since she doesn't want to be 'equal' to men, feminism is a horrible movement that shouldn't exist. She usually believes that anytime after 1950 was a spiral of downward morality, and claims that her children will always be impeccably dressed and well-mannered. She always talks about children, whether or not she has them.

Often this woman is entirely ignorant about the very notions of equality. She doesn't want to work, and therefore assumes that feminism will force her to. When it's pointed out that feminism actually supports the choice to stay at home, she will start talking about 'feminazis' and other nonexistent creatures in an attempt to anger the person getting the better of her in the debate.

This is a woman who will complain about those teenage girls who don't shave yet. This is a woman who will tell a large-breasted woman to 'cover herself' when she wears a tank top. This woman has age-old notions of morality and sex roles, and clings to them in a desperate attempt to keep the world from changing around her without her consent. She will also usually bring up God, the Bible, Jesus, or some Abrahamic religion in some way through out the conversation.

This woman also, for all her rants about rigid sex roles, tends to look with horror upon those 'poor Muslim women' who wear the completely covering clothing they adhere to for their particular religion.

Remember, kids; rigid gender roles and inequality are only good when white women are involved."

lone_pedestrian: Why I stopped owning a TV: "Once again CSPAN Book TV makes me hit rock bottom with their 48 hours of non-fiction on the weekends. I watched an entire question and answer session with Ann Coulter. Why? Because apparently on lovely Sunday afternoons I want nothing more than to be irritated.

Some comments for Ann (which were mostly shouted at the TV already):"

malycat: if you really love me youll sympathize about my bike rant: "this FUCKING GUY treats me like im an idiot. he keeps repeating things, he asks me questions about stuff ive already answered, he postulates about reason that ive already discounted because IM NOT AN IDIOT. he also immediately qualified schroder vales as 'the fat ones' before even waiting to see if i didn't know what he was talking about (i did. i know the difference between freaking schroder and presto!!!!!!!!!!!) and then when i asked if he had foot pumps, not those big ass floor pumps but a foot pump that you could fit in your bag, he laughed and balked and said 'those are for, like, rafts and stuff!'

i dont know why he immediately assumed i was an idiot. is it cuz im a girl? is it cuz im wearing a pink bra and have blonde hair? are those your reasons mr smart ass? those are pretty fucking dumb reasons. but lets not immediately pull the feminazi thing because i hate feminazis....maybe he's just superiorified because he works at a bike shop. it happens.

so then i go back to my bike after going home to get tools to fix it, and im changing the tube on hte sidewalk. and changing an innertube isnt hard, but since its the backwheel i have to deal with the gears and the chain and crap, which ALSO isnt hard, but i guess it looks complicated if you dont know anything about bikes. so these two middle aged men walk by, and theyre like: 'are you gonna be okay? that looks like a MAJOR PROBLEM.' and they give a little laugh like whoa, youre fucked.

well obviously if you think this is a major problem you dont know anything about bikes. because at that point i was DONE, and all i was doing was putting the wheel back in place. and if you dont know anything about bikes, why are you going out of your way to act like you do? does this guy really have such a super masculine ego that, even though IM holding a wrench and have chain grease all over me and am obviously capable of what im doing, he thinks that with all his lack of knowledge about bikes, i STILL NEED HIS HELP???

but i didn't say that. i said 'i'm just changing my inner tube.' suck on that mister.

and then later on the way home i was watching my front wheel to see if the tire was gonna slip off and have that one explode too. and sure enough the tire started slipping so i let the extra air out to save my inner tube. and EVEN THOUGH THAT IS SUCH A SIMPLE LITTLE ACT, this OTHER middle aged guy came over and started flipping out asking if i was gonna be okay.

WHAT IS THIS?!?!?!?!?!

i know that was all in goodwill, but at this point im so pissed off with all these people offering TOTALLY UNNECCESARY HELP AND ADVICE ( i mean its TOTAL OVERKILL) that i just yell at him. politely. 'IM JUST PUMPING UP MY TIRE!!!!!!!'

i didn't say my fucking tire. just my tire.

end bike rant."
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