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A word from a new member

Hello!  My name is Ivy -- I am relatively new to LJ and new to Feminazis.  I'd like to take this time to share myself with you.  {Note:  In the past I have gone by 'Dani'}

I am a 20-something college student in mideastern Wisconsin, having just started (Jan 09) my four year /plus journey in Women's Studies and Psychology.  So far I have always lived in Wisconsin, but feel VERY juxtaposed -- I feel like I don't belong here.  I feel so different from people in the Midwest and most Americans I know.  I really don't feel American at all.

In part I consider myself a humanist, in that males by definition aren't completely wrong and flawed -- I don't necessarily believe that males should not exist; however, I hate men. My hate of men and masculinity, and all the injustice that goes with it, is unbearably strong. There is no doubt that masculinity and maleness in this county, probably most of the world, is essentially flawed, wrong, evil, and counter-productive to the goals and good of human life. There is no doubt that male patriarchy and "being a man" is a horribly unjust institution, and I as well hate the way males are -- the way they are "designed." Everyday I think about how grateful and lucky I am to be a woman. I don't think I could live as ONE OF THEM.

I am interested in being a part of communities and groups like Feminazis to take part in the pro-female, anti-men movement. There is no doubt to me that our mission is one of pro-humanity and pro-growth, and that in fact our goal is certainly not to promote discimination and hatred but SEE IT ELIMINATED.

Certainly it would be false to say all men are entirely or mostly evil. But the truth is, being male and being a man is fundamentally about things like objectification and aggression; an overbalance of the ID; and honestly, an often complete abscene of rational thought. That men are "the rational ones" is ludicrous. Consider, for example, who is responsible for wars, violence, sexual abuse...

In many, many ways, females are fundamentally superior; they are far more evolved. For one example: humans are social creatures, and females are by nature far superior in this regard than males.

To qoute Simone de Beauvoir's "The Second Sex",

"Some say that, after Adam, she is evidently a secondary being; others say on the contrary that Adam was only a rough draft and that god succeeded in producing the human being in perfection when He created Eve."

I am amazed that men have had so much power throughout the history of human civilization, when there is nearly infinite evidence showing the superiority of the female sex.  Perhaps it is their 'less-than-human' nature -- their inability to resist the primitive drives of aggression and status -- that keeps them in power.



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